I am a photographer based in Brixton, London. I make photographic greeting cards.  Each image on my cards is an original photogram, made by shining light on to plants placed on photographic paper. The paper turns dark wherever light touches it, leaving behind a shadow in white or grey.  Each photogram is individually created, without use of cameras or computers, so that each card is a slightly different image. 

Most of the plants I use have been gathered on walks in London and South Wales. The plants in these images come from Hackney marshes, from the banks of The Thames, from the canals of West London, from the woodlands and parks of South London and from the hills of the Brecon Beacons.

The range of images changes over time as I discover new plants, or as natural materials wither and disintegrate. Each image is available just as long as the plant lasts.

The image on this page now appears on the front cover of Andrew O'Hagan's novel 'The Illuminations' (published January 2015).